I'm Tomek. Wedding photographer

Based in Poland, available worldwide. Since 2004 I find moments that tell the story of your greatest happines, your wedding. In most cases I work with my wife. We’re team of photographers and it makes us very happy doing things for living that we enjoy. We love destination weddings, love to travel and explore new places. Share with us where your wedding will be held. Can’t wait to photograph your story!

(…)Awesome photos that really capture the day perfectly. Tomek was great to work with – relaxed, professional, good fun and charming(…)


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(…) definitely made our wedding a special day to remember for all time with amazing pictures. It was our pleasure to work with you (…)


Domi & Remi

Another lovely couple. Beautiful venue and a lot of fun. If you dream of outdoor wedding this post it’s a must for you ;) I znów cudowna para, cudowne okoliczności, piękna lokalizacja, mnóstwo uśmiechów i moc radości :) Marzycie o plenerowym ślubie i przyjęciu wśród zieleni? Koniecznie zobaczcie zdjęcia od Dominiki i Remka! Zapraszam :)

Lihn & Paweł | Endorfina | Warszawa

Beautiful day, beautiful young couple, beautiful place. An ideal circumstances for shooting. You say – “wow, Tomek, great, but you always have the most beautiful brides and wonderful venues. I’m afraid my wedding won’t be nice enough.” But it does not matter. The thing that matters is your love and proper photographer who perceive beauty…

Diana & Bartek

And here we are. Another beautiful day, another beautiful wedding and look – what a lovely couple! They’re just stunning. Looking at Diana and Bartek make you can feel love in the air. Even behind your screen. Yes. I’m not exaggerating. Certainly ;) — Gdy dzwoni do mnie para młoda i słyszę w słuchawce “Stara…

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(…) great communication skills and made everyone feel very relaxed during all the shoots. The photos he took were all amazing! Great guy, great talent. Highly recommended (…)

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