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Typical wedding photography package includes:

  • Up to 12 hrs coverage on the day by me and my wife (2 professional, full-time photographers).
    For example preparations, wedding ceremony, reception up to 01:00am, portraits or session on location due the wedding day
  • Over 350 Hi-Res and professionally processed images on pendrive and zip file to download
  • Private online presentation with music to share with friends and family worldwide
  • 120 pages Coffee Table Book 33x28cm

We can also provide you with:

  • custom made albums and parent books
  • post or pre wedding photoshoots
  • prints in a box
  • drone photography

See the album >> books <<

Co zawiera typowy pakiet?

Do 12h pracy 2 fotografów (Tomek i Marzena). Najczęściej są to przygotowania, ślub, wesele do oczepin oraz sesja zdjęciowa. Przekazujemy  350 w pełni przygotowanych (obrobionych) fotografii na spersonalizowanym pendrive (od 2018 dla pakietu 2 fotografów). Prywatna galeria online, prezentacja z muzyką, którą można przesyłać rodzinie i znajomym oraz fotoksiążka – 120 stron 33x28cm.

Zobacz jak wygląda fotoksiążka >> fotoksiążka <<

Dodatkowo można zamówić sesję plenerową innego dnia, sesję przedślubną, dodatkowe albumy dla rodziców, czy odbitki fotograficzne w pudełku. Możemy również przygotować indywidualną ofertę, minimalny plan z obsługą tylko jednego fotografa.

Jak rezerwować?

Termin rezerwowany jest po podpisaniu umowy i wpłaceniu 30% wartości zamówienia. Umowę proponuję podpisać osobiście, na spotkaniu, Możemy się lepiej poznać, porozmawiać, ustalić indywidualne potrzeby. Pozwoli to na miłą atmosferę w dniu ślubu już od samego początku i wpłynie pozytywnie na zdjęcia. Najchętniej spotkania umawiamy w Warszawie, w centrum. Z osobami, które z różnych względów nie są w stanie przyjechać na spotkanie podpisujemy umowę korespondencyjnie, za pośrednictwem e-mail


I like your pictures, how can i book a wedding date, do you require a deposit?

Contact us right away, using the form or emailing me. We would love to learn about you and your special day. We will email you back and give you more information on date availability and explain the current packages and prices.

A deposit of 30% is required to book your wedding package. Due to lots of questions, dates can not be held or secured without a deposit.

When is the best moment to book the date?

During the main wedding season (April – October) dates will often book a full year in advance and there is no guarantee how long a certain date will remain open.

The best moment is when you like our pictures and we’re available :)

Can we sign a contract?

Sure! We have to :)

What are your payment options?

You can pay with cash or bank transfer.
Payment is in three instalments:
First during the contract signing – 30%
Second due the wedding day – 30%
Third within 30 days after ceremony but not later than we’ll give you pendrive/DVD/direct link to download hi-res pictures and wedding album with pictures.

Do you travel?

We love to :) If You wat to hire us for destination wedding just email us with as much informations as possible so that we can put together a quote for You.


Yes, we will send to you a package with album, DVD/pendrive and pictures (if you will order ;) ) by UPS, and you will be charged only for real cost of shipping. In EU it’s approx. 25-30EUR.

What if I will book you and you will change packages or prices?

Any price or package changes after you book your wedding will not affect you. You are guaranteed all prices that are in effect at the time you book your wedding date.

Can I print from DVD/pendrive?

The JPG files on your DVD/Pendrive are exact the same files used for your wedding prints and you can print from them without worries. However I use the highest quality paper and printing machine, and I can not guarantee that prints you make yourself or have printed from these files will look as good as prints that are provided to you in your wedding package. Colour, clarity, brightness and overall quality may vary depending on where the prints are made. If You are not satisfied with the results just ask me about printing or try another location.
Just don’t try to print from online gallery. Pictures from online gallery are optimized for web viewing and not for printing. They are small and compressed and cannot look good as prints. However You may use the images from your web gallery in community websites such as Facebook.

Black & White pictures?

In general, any image can be converted into B&W. But the best black and white pictures will result when the photographer knows in advance that certain images are intended for B&W. If You want your package to contain more B&W pictures just let me know in advance.

Minimum number of wedding pictures?

We take a large number of photos. In most cases the Bridal Couple will receive more than the minimum number specified for their package. There is no charge for these additional photos, however if you want to make more prints you will be charged for additional prints or pages in you book/wedding album.

Any aditional photos will be included on your DVD/pendrive

If you have more questions don’t hesitate to use contact form or email us :)